We turn your garage (or other space)

into your private gym.

Now serving NE Florida -- Jacksonville, Amelia Island, and the Beaches.

Your gym. Your rules.

Convert half of your garage or the whole thing into your private gym.

💪 Work out when you want -- a quick set in between conference calls, 30 minutes while dinner is in the oven, two hours on the Smith Machine if you want.
💪 Wear what you want -- even work out in your underwear!
💪 Listen to what you want, as loud as you want. Let the neighbors know you're killing it.
💪 Watch the kids and work out at the same time.
💪 Hang out with your dog.
💪 Have the whole gym to yourself -- or invite some workout buddies and enjoy a beer together when you're done.

Just need a few pieces?

We have access to quality equipment:

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Yes,we design and install gyms in other spaces too.


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Practicing what we preach and giving back.

We care about keeping everyone active and healthy, including our Veterans in need. That's why a portion of our net proceeds are donated to the Make a Vet Sweat program -- a nonprofit organization committed to serving Veterans who are combating the hidden wounds of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). They accomplish this objective by sponsoring applicants at their local gyms for three month periods to sweat out the toxins of PTSD with like-minded people.


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