Garage Gym //  A place where you can take control of your fitness at home, train hard without excuses, be alone (or with your dog), focus, listen to your own music, not wait for someone to finish with the squat rack so you can use it, not deal with shutdowns, and work out in your underwear if you choose.

If that sounds good to you, read on.

Gettin' It In The Garage

What We Do:

Garage Gyms designs and installs quality home gyms in Northeast Florida for people who want their gym their way. All you need is a garage. We'll do the rest.


Your Gym. Your Rules.

Convert half of your garage or the whole thing into your private gym.

💪 Work out when you want -- a quick set in between conference calls, 30 minutes while dinner is in the oven, early workouts before anyone wakes up.

💪 10-second commute.
💪 No people.
💪 Quality equipment tailored to you and your fitness goals.
💪 Watch the kids and work out at the same time.
💪 Have the whole gym to yourself -- or invite some workout buddies, watch the game, and enjoy a beer together when you're done.

How to Get Started



Home gyms are here to stay. So ask yourself if you are ready to join thousands of others and become a Garage Gymer. This is an investment that will pay off big time if you want to be a part of this movement. 



Think about your fitness goals. You don't need to know what type of equipment you want (that's our job to recommend), but it's important that you know how much time you're willing to invest, what kind of training you like to do, and what you want to accomplish.



Contact us. We'll have a phone consult to talk about you, your lifestyle, what you'd like your home gym to be like, your space, your timing, and your budget. From there, we will set up an in-person visit to your garage to assess everything. 



Then our team will meet to review and source the best equipment and models that are right for you (so you don't overspend on things you don't need or underspend on equipment that will break). Once you approve, we'll get to work and you won't have to do a thing!


"Coming home to my own gym at the end of the day has been a game changer. I am more motivated to work out, I am seeing results, and I love being in the comfort of my own home. This is a space I want to hang out in."

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Giving back to those who give to our country.

Active duty and retired military and police: We offer special discounted pricing to show our appreciation for those who selflessly serve and keep our country safe. In addition, we will add you to the top of the list when we get new gear and equipment in so you'll have first priority. Contact us to be a part of our Appreciation Team.

Join the #GarageGymMovement.

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