Getting Your Garage Gym

Together with the best talent in the industry, the best equipment suppliers, and the best service,  we are on a mission to bring the fun and convenience of a home gym to your garage without you wasting time or money. 


We offer two service options. We can design and install a complete gym including flooring, equipment, lighting, sound system, decor, etc. Or, if you just need two or three pieces of equipment to fit your goals, we can get those for you too. We don't give you cheap equipment that will break or be unsafe -- yes, you can find that out there, but we focus on a space that you will grow with and love for years to come. A home gym is an investment just like any other space in your home. In fact, many people say it becomes their favorite room in the house.

What you get:

Pre-Consultation. We begin with a phone consult to discuss your wishes, your fitness level and goals, your space, your budget, and your overall ideal home gym.

Space and Needs Assessment. The next step is taking a look at your space, measurements and inventory of architectural elements, and talk further about your fitness goals and wishes for design and functionality.

Your Home Gym Plan. You'll then get a detailed plan that includes the layout design, equipment recommendations, and room items to be included that are in line with your fitness goals and budget.

Order and Install. We source everything with our suppliers to get your equipment, assemble it, and install it with our team. We take care of everything from flooring to gear to lighting and fans. You don't need to do a thing or deal with any outside contractors.

Training on Equipment. Once your gym is complete, we train you on how to properly use each piece and care for it. We can even provide ongoing training sessions with our personal trainers if you wish.

Decide if we are right for you:

Doing It Yourself

-- Deciding what equipment you want and what is best suited for you

-- Searching online and around town to try to find the equipment, flooring, and decor

-- Finishing the space so it's comfortable, welcoming, and someplace you want to spend time in -- decor, fans, TV, sound system, lighting

-- Coordinating delivery, installation, and assembly with multiple contractors

-- Figuring out how to properly use everything

-- Making sure the equipment is put together safely

-- Possibly wasting a lot of money on equipment you don't need or pieces that are not right for you

-- Dealing with equipment that is lower quality  that will break

Working With Us

-- One company, one person to coordinate with on all of that

-- Our expertise in the industry to evaluate and know what is right for you

-- Our knowledge on how to turn your space into a room you will enjoy and want to work out in

-- Our connections with the best manufacturers and contractors to get the job done correctly and safely for you

-- Our expertise in the latest equipment and technology to get you a gym that is safe, effective, and best suited to you and your fitness goals

-- An overall easy, exciting, fun, and enjoyable experience

Questions? Ready to get started? Contact us.

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